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Age defying natural care

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Dry, patchy, rough & dull skin can keep you from looking your best. Presenting a unique combination of several time-tested herbs that give your dry skin the hydration of Ayurveda.

Honey & Sandalwood Face Cream: This cream nourishes your skin and makes you look fresh round the clock. Regular use restores and maintains the natural beauty. Fortified with precious Mysore Sandalwood Oil that works magic on dry skin & the results are hard to believe. The presence of honey in this cream imparts anti aging. Everyday stress and pollution wreck havoc on our skin. The extracts of Amla, Green Tea, Ashwagandha and Manjishtha ensure that the effect of every day stress doesn’t last long on your skin. Brahmi is known to fight aging signs and dispel toxins from the skin, especially from the epithelium layer thus resulting in improved skin complexion and better skin cell regeneration.

Licorice & Tulsi Nourishing Cream, 50 gm: This unique night moisturising cream pampers your skin when your body is at rest. Rich in antioxidants, its regular use imparts a youthful radiance and grace and even tones your skin. This cream has precious oils of olive, wheat germ and almond which hydrate your skin while you are asleep. Tulsi, blessed with antiseptic and purifying qualities, has a unique property of fighting free radicals and facilitating healthy skin repair during night. Tulsi along with Sandalwood ensures your skin remain ever radiant.


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No Artificial Colour, Fragrance, Phthalates, Parabens, Formaldehyde. No Petroleum Derivatives like Mineral Oil and Paraffin Wax.


This product contains natural ingredients to which some people may be allergic. Test patch on inner elbow and leave for half an hour. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of Children. Avoid contact with eyes, If contact occurs then rinse well with water.


Use Honey & Sandalwood Cream during day & Licorice & Tulsi Cream during night before sleeping. Use fingertips to apply on to the cleaned, toned and moistened part of your face and throat. Allow the creams to absorb completely. Spread evenly.


These creams nourishes your skin naturally and makes you look fresh round the clock. Regular use restores and maintains skin’s natural radiance. Fortified with precious herbs & a rich natural base that works magic on dry skin & the results are hard to believe. Excellent natural protection for mature skin, these creams provide a complete profile of natural antioxidants to fight wrinkles and free radical damage.

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