We are serious about quality

Our product formulation policy is strict, as we do not believe in using artificial fragrances and colours to mask our products. We use highly concentrated & pure herb extracts, plant greens, pure essential oils & earthy minerals to offer our customers a truly soulful & holistic skincare experience. Our customers can remain assured that all our products contain quality ingredients in high concentration that display their true natural properties and nourish parched skin in the same way as nature intended them to do.

Our commitment to quality is a promise to you

All our products are free from harsh chemicals, artificial colors & fragrances, petrochemical bases like mineral oil and paraffin wax, SLS, pthlates, formaldehyde & parabens.

We only use high quality plant based essential oils and carrier oils procured from renowned and reliable sources. These are naturally rich in nurturing compounds and possess tremendous anti aging effects. We will never compromise on the quality of herbal ingredients and all our efforts are directed towards creating products which can provide a deep rooted glow to your skin.