Honey & Sandalwood Face Cream

This cream nourishes your skin and makes you look fresh round the clock. Regular use restores and maintains the natural beauty. Fortified with precious Sandalwood Oil that works magic on dry skin & the results are hard to believe. The presence of forest honey in this cream imparts anti aging.

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Nourishing Bhringraj Tri-fruit Shampoo

An SLS/Paraben free formulation fortified with 10 precious ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Triphla, Shikakai, Jatamansi, Fenugreek, Brahmi, Bhringraj & Licorice give superlative hair cleansing experience, fight hair fall, dandruff & premature greying.

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Revitalizing Jatamansi Bhringraj Hair Oil

A unique hair oil fortified with the synergy of 11 traditional Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai in a non mineral oil base, lubricates hair roots and scalp, penetrate deep into the hair follicles to produce long healthy looking shiny hair & controls dandruff & excessive hair fall.

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Licorice & Tulsi Nourishing Cream

This unique night repair cream pampers your skin when your body is at rest. Super rich in antioxidants, its regular use imparts a youthful radiance and tones & firms up your skin along with reducing blemishes & dark spots.

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5 in 1 Forest Greens Tulsi Face Wash

No sulphates/paraben no artificial fragrance or colour. This gentle face wash is a unique blend of nature’s best antioxidants like Tulsi, Mint, Cinnamon, Green Tea and Plant Chlorophyll extracts. You can feel the aroma of pure herbs like Tulsi in every blob that pampers your skin and gives it the morning freshness & glow it deserves.

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Hydrating Aloe Rose Moisturizing Gel

A unique oil free Aloe gel fortified with pure rose water & extracts, cucumber & beet root extract works wonders for your skin. It works effectively on greasy skin and makes it soft and supple besides removing excess oil & fight premature signs of ageing.

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Our Story

"Herbs & Greens is a natural skincare brand inspired by traditional Indian royalty & the ancient science of Ayurveda. Traditional Indian herbs, minerals & plant greens have always inspired us. Our entire range contains the harnessed potency of these magical creations of nature.

We believe that luxury is not the prerogative of a select few. You too can make it a part of your daily routine because your skin definitely deserves the very best. Shrinagar or personal skin care has been a part if indian culture since ancient times, Our endeavour is to recreate the magical experience that traditional indian royalty has to offer.

Our entire range has been kept free from Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Paraffin Wax, Synthetic Color & Synthetic Fragrances.

Our products are not made in large factories but carefully crafted in small batches out of great love and affection. From luxury packaging to high-quality ingredients used in our products we have left no stone unearthed in making our customers feel special.."




If there is one miracle herb that has been used in Ayurveda for its potent health and skin benefits,

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The miracle Ayurvedic herb is known by different names like Jatamansi, spikenard, nard, Nardin, musk

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